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Caleb Everitt

March 28, 2012

I ran across Caleb Everitt‘s work through some design jobs he did for Stag awhile back and recently caught up with him on a sunny Austin afternoon to gain an insight into his work. Everitt grew up in Houston before going to design school and has bounced between Austin, NYC, and Portland before finally landing home in Austin about a year ago. Incorporating a fair deal of hand-drawn elements into his body of design work, Everitt also pays respect to the classic typesets and industrial-based design modes of old. With enough to fill solid 12-hr work-days (including motorcycle maintenance), Everitt is ever-expanding his client list and is in the process of remodeling a studio space in form of a remodeled 1880’s train station to serve as his new headquarters. Very excited to see what springs forth in the months to come.

Click here to view more work and here for the artists’ studio site.

1-2, 4. Design Samples
3. Collaborative Piece (w/ Ryan Rhodes & Renee Fernandez)
5-6. Caleb Everitt

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