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February: Week Four

February 24, 2010

Artist of the week:
Ludvig Stolterman // I stumbled across this photographer in a random occurrence the other day and couldn’t take my eyes off of my monitor. Stolterman, only 21, is firmly grasping the reins and appears to be at full gallop in his film compositions, primarily via a Yashica twin lens. He unabashedly has captured an eerily lovely trove of images from in and around the Olympic Peninsula, Chicago, NYC and his homeland of Sweden amongst other locales. View Stolterman’s work here.

Musician of the week:
Hoquiam // “S/T”
Hoquiam (Ho’-kwee-um) borrows it’s name from the sullen coastal Washington town (pop. 9000). As a duo, Damien and brother, Drake Jurado have collected a tremendous sheaf of tunes on this, their premiere release, in a limited run on St. Ives. All 600 copies of the vinyl were constructed and designed by Damien himself, no two alike. Straying toward the stark and minimal, Hoquiam softly grabs the listener’s hand and leads us on a walk through a gothic forest of folk. Fittingly, the word “Hoquiam” translates to “hungry for wood.” Listen

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