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February: Week Two

February 11, 2010

Artist of the week:
Nicholas Hance McElroy // Nicholas takes photographs. Oft occluding one’s parameters of normality with crippling vibrance and an organic penchant for composition. Wavering seamlessly between stark environs and companions therein, I can only view jaw agape.

View McElroy’s work here and here.

Musician of the week:
Mark McGuire // “Guitar Meditations, Vol II” from McGuire’s blog: “…recorded fall 2009 in Antwerp, Belgium,… these songs reflect the other side of the experience of the individual’s journey. Each disc contains an hour of relaxed moments and stretched out thoughts. The cover is a postcard of a cathedral that was down the street from where I was living, that I would see almost everyday. There is true inspiration in the architecture, and a lot of energy gained by being in such a beautiful part of the world. This is me channeling that energy into my guitar, or at least trying to.”

Listen to more from McGuire here.

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  1. matthew permalink
    February 12, 2010 20:14

    was this the photographer you were talking about when you were over at our house?

  2. February 15, 2010 08:09

    that was edward burtynsky i think…

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